Kimberly Jones, founder of VeraClean, has always had a penchant for cleanliness. And though her children don’t always appreciate her passion for the pristine, her customers absolutely love it!

VeraClean began in 2009 when Kimberly Jones, full-time homemaker and mother of four, combined her love for cleaning and passion to own a business. Kimberly grabbed a mop, and a bucket of supplies, and started her own house cleaning business. Over the next few years, VeraClean would prove to be a success as Kimberly strategically partnered with with business dynamo, Bryan Welton, Jr. With efforts focused on trusted customer service and unbeatable cleaning, VeraClean opened their first office in Centennial, Colorado, in 2010.

For years, Kimberly tried dozens of house cleaning chemicals.  She began with products that got the job done, but not without also doing a number on her eyes, airways, and skin. She began her search for natural cleaning products that not only produced effective results, but were also affordable.  In the spring of 2012, Kimberly began researching and formulating her private blend of cleaning products. She wanted cleaning products that were packed full of essential oils, natural cleaning surfactants and citrus citrates. She envisioned cleaning products that were natural and beautiful, without the use of synthetic fragrances and colors. Knowing that these products would be used in the homes they cleaned, she wanted them to be safe, not only for household surfaces, but also for kids, pets and the employees that would be using them on a daily basis.   By fall 2012, VeraClean had introduced their natural cleaning products to thousands of homes throughout Denver.

After 18 months of proven success and phenomenal client reviews, VeraClean is bottling their natural formulations and introducing a private line of cleaning products to the retail market.  VeraClean’s natural cleaners deliver considerable cleaning power without adding harmful toxins such as bleach, ammonia, triclosan, artificial fragrances, unnecessary optical brighteners and synthetic preservatives. We’re not afraid to list our ingredients right on the label, because there’s nothing to hide. Packed with the safest and purest ingredients, our cleaning products are guaranteed to deliver amazing cleaning results, at minimal cost to consumers.

VeraClean is devoted to upholding high standards of natural cleaning, however we also understand the need for flexibility in order for our products to appeal to retail customers and the current market. We promise to deliver and guarantee quality cleaning products. Additionally, VeraClean will be presenting new products in Spring of 2015 to add to it’s brand. These include liquid hand soaps, liquid dish soaps, hand lotions and various multi-surface cleaners. .  All products are in compliance with federal and state regulations.

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Breathe Easy,

Bryan & Kimberly