House Cleaning Prices

All cleaning companies are different and so are house cleaning prices! There are different policies, different techniques to clean and different supplies used to clean your home. From the beginning, we have found it essential to offer our customers regular cleaning. Regular cleaning is cleaning that occurs on a regular basis. Customers have the flexibility to choose how often they want a team to clean their home. Most companies offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. Usually a flat rate is agreed upon between the house cleaner and the customer.  Regular cleaning is fantastic for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It helps to maintain the cleanliness of the home. Theres no more worrying about when the bathrooms will get cleaned or when the house will be vacuumed. Signing up for regular cleanings is a great way to get the house cleaning items off your list. Most home cleanings can be completed while a client is at work. Customers feel at ease when they open the door to a freshly clean home, knowing that they will not have to spend hours over their precious weekend to perform cleaning tasks.

Regular cleanings are ideal, but what about that intial cleaning? What about the very first cleaning service that is performed in your home? Our company offers a Full cleaning service for each and every regular service client. The full service  is vital to being able to maintain a home on subsequent cleaning visits. During this first time cleaning service, the house cleaning prices will be clear and explained in detail as well as all regular and full service items on the Cleaning Checklist are required on the first cleaning appointment, even if our new client has had another cleaning person or service in the recent past. It will be our job to find what was not cleaned properly and get it done. Our purpose is to leave the house as clean and perfect as possible. This enables us to efficiently  maintain it on subsequent appointments. It is imperative that the cleaning team meets the client during the full service clean. This enables the client to know who will be in their home. The client can also walk through the home with the team members. During this time, clients can point out areas that may need extra cleaning attention. Other areas of the home may be on a “do not disturb” list. The full service cleaning and house cleaning prices is an additional $99. For instance, if your weekly cleaning rate is $100, then your first time cleaning service will be $199.

The  full-service cleaning is estimated to take up a large portion of the day, if not the entire day. House Cleaning prices will generally be higher for this first time cleaning. Larger homes may required 2 days to complete this deep cleaning. Should the team members be at your house for most of the day, they will need to take an occasional break and time to recharge with food and water. After all, they may be cleaning for up to 8 hours. Team members  can go outside and use the vehicle to rest or have a snack/lunch.