Mr Clean vs VeraClean -Superbowl 2017

Sure, Sexy Mr Clean may be SEXY these days – moving those hips and twerking at Superbowl 2017!  With those strong muscles, perfect smile and pristine appearance, how could anything go wrong with Mr Clean in the House?

Before you run to the store to stock up on Sexy Mr Clean products, let’s take a closer look at what he’s truly all about!  Mr. Clean (better known as PROCTOR AND GAMBLE, INC)  has an insane amount of money to spend on a Superbowl half time ad. Hoping that we’ll flock to the supermarket and grab up the new and sexy Mr Clean products. C’mon ladies (and gents), DON’T be fooled! Mister Clean is meant to lure in the common consumer who wants to keep a clean house, but like any sexy superbowl ad, they’re not telling you what the consequences are after indulging yourself!

Top 3 REASONS to AVOID Mr Clean:

  1. Mr Clean does not disclose his ingredients. Why? Because they’re harmful to you, your family, your pets, and anyone who comes into your home. FDA does not require them to disclose, so they don’t. AND they can get away with it because they’re owned by Proctor and Gamble, INC. Who’s gonna mess with these guys?

Mr Clean versus VeraClean

Of course you’re welcome to purchase whatever cleaning supplies you choose for your home. Just be sure to read the back label. Products that don’t disclose their ingredients have something to hide. Watch VeraClean’s Video on ingredient transparency.

2. Mr Clean products are loaded with harmful toxins, synthetic colors, detergents and heavy fragrances; even a desperate house wife won’t want to put up with that! If you don’t know what’s in the bottle, why would you want to clean your house with it? After all, if it combines with other harmful chemicals, the outcome could do some serious damage to your airways.

3. Sexy can be CHEAP, and although Mr Clean’s liquid cleaning products are affordable, remember what you’re getting in return. One product that has always been extremely over-priced and expensive is the Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Consumers are spending up to $2.00 for just one of these extra strength erasers. Even when you try to buy wholesale Mr Clean Magic Erasers, you’re still paying a hefty fee. For anyone in the cleaning industry, try VeraClean Sponge Erasers. Not only are the super compressed for extra-extra strength, they’re also non-detergent and fragrance free.


Breathe Easy Superbowl Friends!