Portland House Cleaning

Portland House Cleaning is a great responsibility! Not only are we busy with cleaning homes, but also with community awareness for cleaning naturally. Portland is unique and curious. It is known for it’s abundant culture and organic taste. ¬†Portland House Cleaning adds to this fine city, by combining superb cleaning services, green house cleaning and technological advancements that save our house cleaning customers time and money. Portland residents appreciate the detailedness and hard work that goes along with our Portland house cleaning. Clients are hard working individuals themselves and have determined that our cleaning services will free up their time and efforts, so they can concentrate on more important aspects of their lives. Cleaning houses in Portland is our passion and we take great pride in listening to our customer cleaning needs and finding out exactly what kind of maid services they are looking for in Portland. Call today at 503.348.0104 and find out what Portland House Cleaning can do for you.