Time Saving Tips

10 Time Saving Tips that may seem SMALL, but make a BIG difference:

1. Set your 3 “Most Important Things” each morning. betfair site down . Do these first thing in the morning if possible.

2. Single task (forget all the hype about multi-tasking and try single tasking instead)

3. Process your inbox to empty

4. Check email twice a day

5. Work with no distractions

6. Follow a morning routine

7. Say NO! It’s okay to say no to commitments or requests that aren’t on your agenda.  You have a life too!

8. Stick to a 5 sentence limit for emails

9. Silence your cell phone

10. Bundle “to do” items

11. Check into Social Media Sites Once a Week instead of every day, or several times a day

We hope these time saving tips will help you to not only manage your time, but also your household.  We know you’re busy and small things can make a big difference. Remember to take time for yourself and do what works for you.