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CENTENNIAL, Colo., Feb. 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — VeraClean President, Kimberly Jones, announced that the company will expand into Retail with its own line of 49 natural cleaning products, adding dimension to their existing business in Residential Cleaning Services.

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Their flagship products will include four different concentrations for household use: a multi-surface cleaner, a glass cleaner, bath and shower cleaner, and the first ever antibacterial concentrate to receive 25b exempt* status in the state of Colorado.  The company will simultaneously introduce the VeraClean Eraser Sponge and eleven varieties of hand soaps, lotions, and dish soaps.  All the items will publicly debut March 5th at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

The premise for the expansion stemmed from discontent over the seemingly unquestioned purveyance of mainstream cleaning brands, many of which contain harmful chemicals and multiple synthetic additives.

Jones explained that for many years, particularly since starting her cleaning business in 2009, she researched and experimented with dozens of popular cleaning products, but struggled to find anything affordable that would not irritate her eyes, airways, or skin.

“It was troubling to learn how many ingredients, in these major brands, are allowed to go undisclosed to the general public,” stated Jones. “The average consumer cannot be expected to perform such intensive research, where home-health and safety is concerned.”

In 2012, Jones decided to experiment with her own private blends, using only natural cleaning surfactants, citrus citrates, and essential oils.

“I envisioned cleaning solutions that were safe, natural, and naturally beautiful… not synthetically beautiful,” said Jones.  “While I am a business owner, I am first and foremost a mother.  I’m also a pet-owner and a consumer.   If I can have affordable alternatives that keep my home and work areas cleaner and safer, then that is something I really value.”

After two years of testing her blends in the homes of willing customers, VeraClean reportedly secured enough demand and positive reviews to begin serious retail initiatives.  Jones presented the business plan to VeraClean’s co-founder and financier, Bryan Welton, Jr.

“It is absolutely fitting that this came from Kimberly,” mentioned Welton.  “She’s not representing a billion-dollar corporation; hers is the perspective of a frugal and hardworking mother, and anyone who knows her story understands perfectly that there are no hidden agendas.”

Upon further inquiry, Welton revealed how close Jones came to losing each of her four children, due to severe premature births.

“With all of them, Kimberly had to be put on bed rest as soon as 22 weeks into her pregnancies.  She had always been a clean and organized person, but it was during those really difficult times … with under-developed immune systems on the line … that her sensitivity to pollutants and toxins kicked into overdrive.  Thankfully the kids are all doing well, and it’s just really fun to see her creating something that she is so passionate about.”

Both Jones and Welton believe that the VeraClean line will fill a void for today’s consumers who demand organic quality, more transparency, and competitive pricing.

Using VeraClean’s concentrated cleaners as instructed, consumers can expect to pay about $0.25 per bottle, with a four-year shelf life.

VeraClean, LLC is headquartered in Centennial, CO.  For more information, visit

*The FIFR Act restricts the use of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical mixtures containing active ingredients that are not demonstrably safe for their intended use, as identified under section 25b of said Act. VeraClean’s antibacterial solution is the only exempt cleaning solution registered in the state of Colorado.

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